Cold Vengeance serves up hot chase across the globe


Cold Vengeance by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

In Cold Vengeance, FBI Special Agent Aloysius Pendergast sets aside his badge in order to pursue a personal vendetta against the man he believes is responsible for his wife’s murder. But it’s during his own brush with death Pendergast uncovers a startling secret: Helen is still alive.

This revelation sparks the agent’s perilous journey to discover the truth behind his wife’s orchestrated disappearance. From the Scottish Highlands to the steamy streets of New Orleans and finally back New York City, Pendergast’s search pits him against an ancient group determined to stop him from discovering the truth – no matter what the cost.

Cold Vengeance is, perhaps, the most personal story thus far in the Pendergast series. Although readers have been given glimpses of his humanity in earlier stories, this particular tale showcases the agent’s humanity as he desperately seeks answers regarding the loss and possible existence of his wife.

Set across the globe, the story takes many twists and turns as Pendergast unravels the mystery and, in the end, the reader is left with more questions than answers; however unsettling this may be, it perfectly sets the stage for the next novel in the series.


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