Blood Oath’s Nathaniel Cade is a far cry from your Twilight vampire

blood oath

Blood Oath by Christopher Farnsworth

Nathaniel Cade is no ordinary vampire. Called to service by President Andrew Jackson in the late 1800s, Cade has been protecting the Oval Office from supernatural threats ever since.

When rising political hot shot,Zach Barrows, is assigned as the vampire agent’s new handler, the two are thrown into a plot to stop Dr. Johann Konrad (also known as Baron von Frankenstein – yes, that Frankenstein) from creating an army of unstoppable monsters. But as they race against the clock, they discover the monster army is only the beginning. A far more sinister government plot is afoot – one that involves officials at the highest levels – and their target is the President of the United States.

With the vampire craze well underway – Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, etc. – it’s no surprise to find a vampire employed by the U.S. goverment. Farnsworth’s book is enjoyable enough, although the plot could use a bit more fleshing out every now and then. And, his love scene read like a teenaged-boy’s fantasy.

Other than that, though, Blood Oath was solid and entertaining.


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